Saturday, July 26, 2008

banana cupcakes...3 ways

we went to lake del valle in livermore to celebrate ku's birthday. i woke up early and made banana mini cupcakes. i decided to make 3 different frostings so the mini size will encourage everyone to taste the different flavor combos.

strawberry banana
cream cheese banana
banana pancakes (with maple frosting)

i got positive comments on all three frostings and all three combos! when i asked everyone their favorite, there was no clear winner. i think it just depends on your mood. One of my chief taste testers said she likes the strawberry frosting because it tastes fresh. another said he likes the cream cheese because it goes well with the banana cake. personally my favorite flavor is "banana pancakes," maybe because that's my favorite thing for breakfast. i think it will make a great addition on my fall menu. it's always an interesting experience to eat a cupcake that reminds you of something else.

you all know i was running late so i forgot to take pictures. these were the only two cupcakes left by the time i remembered! the cream cheese frosting was white and the strawberry was cute pink frosting. i have to figure out a garnish for the banana pancakes because the cupcake is just plain brown.

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