Wednesday, August 6, 2008

chocolate bliss

i realized i don't eat chocolate a lot...even though i'm a chocoholic. maybe i've been just trying to take advantage of all of this beautiful summer fruit. when i go out to restaurants i usually don't order a chocolate dessert because most of the time they are made with milk chocolate. i don't play with my chocolate...i don't like the diluted stuff. gimme the bittersweet!

i first came accross this recipe on scharffenberger's (my favorite chocolate) website a few months ago. they're called "brownies" but my mom and i agree...they're so much more than that!
i added a few extra ounces of chocolate to her recipe, just because i had an especially strong craving that day. the result was an incredibly chewy, intense chocolate bliss. there was nothing "brownie" about it.

alice medrich is the "queen of chocolate." i really wish i had been alive when she had her cocolat stores in the bay area. sigh... anyway, i've tried several of her recipes and ended up with great results. home girl doesn't play with her chocolate either. i bought this cookbook for my mom for mother's day (my mom is a chocoholic too). it's out of print so i had to get it used. just to let you know how much respect i have for alice medrich let me be clear: i was willing to pay $50 for a used book. that's some serious chocolate! my mom and i are gonna take a chocolate class with her this year. more about that later...

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